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At Thayer Financial, we strive to make pricing for our services as clear, fair, and transparent as possible.

Wealth Management & Retirement Planning

Our wealth management and planning services are tailored towards individuals and couples with over $500,000 in investable assets or businesses that layers in complexity to their finances. So, while we do not have an investment minimum, we do have a $5,500 minimum annual fee for all new clients. Clients can pay this annual fee through either a monthly or quarterly retainer fee, the investment management fee listed below, or some combination of the two.

(Here’s a little hint: You’re probably paying a lot more than this currently without even knowing it)

Investment Management Fee Schedule:

First $250,0001.15%
Next $250,000 ($250,001 – $500,000)1.05%
Next $500,000 ($500,001 – $1,000,000)0.95%
Next $1,000,000 ($1,000,000  – $2,000,000)0.85%
Next $3,000,000 ($2,000,001 – $5,000,000)0.50%
Above $5,000,0000.30%
This blended fee schedule is an annual investment management fee billed against assets under management

The quarterly fee for a $1M account is determined by the following calculation: (($250,000 x 1.15%) + ($250,000 x 1.05%) + ($500,000 x 0.95)) ÷ 4 = $2,562.50.

Services Our Clients Can Expect

Net Worth Analysis

Evaluation of all assets and liabilities. This gives us the best understanding of your financial wellness.

What To Expect

Through account aggregation, we maintain an up-to-date balance sheet, including:

  • Cash
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Cash Equivalents
  • Invested Assets
    • Taxable Accounts
    • Traditional / Roth IRAs
    • Employer Plans such as 403b, 457, and 401k accounts
    • Employee Stock Purchase Plans
    • Stock Options
    • Inherited IRA
    • HSA
    • 529 Plans
  • “Other” Assets
    • Primary Home
    • Secondary Homes
    • Collectibles 
  • Liabilities
    • Home mortgage
    • Student Loans
    • Credit Cards
    • Personal Loans

Retirement Planning

Our clients are nearing retirement and need to make sure they are making the best decisions for themselves.

What To Expect

  • Goal prioritization
  • Tax planning
  • Financial stress testing
  • Social Security optimization
  • Income planning
  • Pension review
  • Required Minimum Distribution planning

Tax Planning

We help to minimize current and future income taxes as a part of your overall financial planning picture.

What To Expect

Tax planning will include recommendations around the following:

  • Selling investments
  • Contributing to employer sponsored plans
  • Contributing to other retirement plans
  • Gifting money and other philanthropic interests
  • Maximizing deductibility
  • Tax efficient college savings
  • Inherited IRA withdrawals
  • Student loan forgiveness planning
  • Disability insurance structuring
  • Roth conversions
  • Retirement income strategies
  • Social security elections

Estate Plan Review

Analysis of your current estate plan, which may include whether you have a will, powers of attorney, trusts, and other related documents.

What To Expect

  • Asset transition strategies
  • Review of current estate plan structure and potential gaps
  • Keep track of your progress on creating important estate planning documents, such as:
    • Will
    • Power of Attorney
    • Beneficiary designations
    • Living Will
    • Living Trust
    • Health Care Proxy

Insurance Review

Review of existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long-term care, liability, home, and automobile insurance.

What To Expect

  • Life insurance review
  • Health insurance review
  • Disability insurance review
  • Long-term care needs analysis
  • Liability insurance review
  • Home insurance review
  • Auto insurance review

Day-to-day Inquiries

Examples include purchasing a new home or other large purchases, advantages to pay off loans early, and any other financial question you may have.

What To Expect

You name it, we’ll discuss it!

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