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Investing For the Long-Term

The importance of patience After concluding the worst week in the stock market since 2008, I feel like I need to write about a common question that I’m asked about. I’m often asked about what I think the market is going to do. There is a major misconception that people in the financial industry have […]

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The SECURE Act and Effective Tax Planning

How to keep from paying the IRS than is necessary Congress recently passed the most sweeping legislation in the last 15 years for retirement. The SECURE act brings lots of benefits, but also numerous challenges for investors and retirees that require proactive planning. There are three major parts to the SECURE Act: 401k’s, annuities in […]

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Fee-Only vs Fee-Based Advisors

What you don’t know can hurt you As I mentioned in a previous post, the financial services industry can be complex and it can be hard to understand what type of financial “advisor” that you might be talking with. One area that has become particularly bastardized is around the term fee-based. As the fee-only financial […]

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Were You Sold Permanent Life Insurance?

It’s not too late to unwind it if you were Life insurance is an incredibly important tool for financial planning. By purchasing the right amount of life insurance, a client is able to financially protect their family in the event of premature death and ensure the financial stability of the family. This is the primary […]

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Retirement Income Planning

Complexity is not your friend Choosing the right investments to get you through your retirement years successfully can be an overwhelming experience. There are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs, money market funds, deferred annuities (fixed, indexed, and variable), immediate annuities, life insurance, real estate and I’m sure a couple more that I’m forgetting about. […]

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Why you need a simple will

Don’t leave it up to the State to decide your legacy It’s startling to me how often I come across people that don’t have a will in place and do not understand how important it is to do proper estate planning. There’s a belief that their spouse is going to inherit everything if they die, […]

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Financial Planning for Business Owners

Business owners have a unique situation Financial planning and wealth management for business owners is much different than it is for the typical W2 employee. The business is typically going to be the most valuable asset in the family’s portfolio and by its very nature is a highly concentrated asset. This poses a major risk […]

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Investing inside your 401k

Stop chasing past performance If your employer offers a 401k plan, then you have undoubtedly been confronted with picking different investment options that are available in the plan. A frequent question I get when talking to people is how they should be investing inside their 401k plan? This is an important question that can either […]

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Navigating the Financial Landscape: How Advisors Make Money

Understanding this can help understand conflicts of interest The financial services landscape today is extremely complex. With many different financial companies offering services to individuals, it is hard for consumers to know what kind of financial professional they are dealing with. You might not know that is many companies’  intention. At the highest level, there […]

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