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Social Security planning for business owners – how to maximize your Social Security and avoid leaving Uncle Sam a big tip

If you are a business owner that files as a S Corporation, understanding how Social Security and its bend points function is an important step in both retirement planning and efficient tax management. This blog is geared towards small business owners that can control their W2 income and the distributions they take, but a lot […]

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The Delicate Decade- Getting Retirement Right

Preparing for retirement can be a fun yet challenging process. The biggest issue that I encounter with new clients is that they have spent the last thirty years building their businesses, investing in their retirement accounts (401k’s, IRAs, etc) and now that they are retiring they are going to have to start producing income from […]

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How the CARES Act Affects You

If you are wondering how the CARES Act is going to affect you watch these webinars that I created. This is the largest stimulus bill that we have ever seen and it’s important to know what benefits are available for you, your business and our family members. Working with a fee-only financial planner can help […]

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Staying In Your Seat Even During The Hard Times

Investing correctly during times of economic stress is a difficult thing to do. There’s no arguing that we are in a challenging time and faced with rapidly evolving information about COVID-19. The world is adjusting to how to live and work during this time of social distancing. While we are experiencing unprecedented events, there is […]

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Social Security and Medicare Integration

How Social Security Works I frequently receive questions when it comes to how Medicare and Social Security coordinate. Hopefully, I’ll answer a few of those questions with this article. Social Security is an amazing program that has been in existence since 1935 and has been helpful to provide financial security to retirees for the last […]

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Investing For the Long-Term

After concluding the worst week in the stock market since 2008, I feel like I need to write about a common question that I’m asked about. I’m often asked about what I think the market is going to do. There is a major misconception that people in the financial industry have some special insight into […]

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The SECURE Act and Effective Tax Planning

Congress recently passed the most sweeping legislation in the last 15 years for retirement. The SECURE act brings lots of benefits, but also numerous challenges for investors and retirees that require proactive planning. There are three major parts to the SECURE Act: 401k’s, annuities in 401k’s, and changes to required minimum distributions (RMDs). For the […]

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Fee-Only vs Fee-Based | What’s the Difference?

As I mentioned in a previous post, the financial services industry can be complex and it can be hard to understand what type of financial “advisor” that you might be talking with. One area that has become particularly bastardized is around the term fee-based. As the fee-only financial planning and investment management movement has started […]

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Were You Sold Permanent Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an incredibly important tool for financial planning. By purchasing the right amount of life insurance, a client is able to financially protect their family in the event of premature death and ensure the financial stability of the family. This is the primary purpose of life insurance, just like homeowners insurance: when your […]

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Retirement Income Planning

Choosing the right investments to get you through your retirement years successfully can be an overwhelming experience. There are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs, money market funds, deferred annuities (fixed, indexed, and variable), immediate annuities, life insurance, real estate and I’m sure a couple more that I’m forgetting about. The point is, if you’re […]

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