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Comprehensive Financial Planning

A true financial plan for a family or business is not a “one-and-done” solution. It’s not a giant stack of finished documents and spreadsheets. Financial planning is an ongoing process that helps you make well-informed, mindful decisions throughout life. Your overall financial “puzzle” can be put together in many ways. There is no “right answer”, but there is the right plan for you wherever you are in life.

Thayer Financial’s Comprehensive Financial Planning program is a collaborative experience that guides you in making smarter money decisions and ultimately allows you to create, grow, and keep more wealth. The comprehensive plan comprises guidance in the five financial areas of your life that matter: investments, insurance/risk management, estate planning, retirement/income planning, and taxes.

If you are a business owner, you receive a complimentary retirement plan analysis and recommendations (i.e. 401k, SIMPLE IRA, SEP, etc.), as well as a complimentary leadership development and coaching program by StrongLead, LLC, designed just for Thayer Financial clients to help grow your most valuable asset, your business.


One-time $1,000 upfront fee 


Ongoing Annual Fee (charged monthly)
1.00% of gross annual income, minimum $2,100 annually ($175/m), maximum $6,000 annually ($500/m)

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The ongoing program includes:

  • A wealth management and planning strategy that is built around your specific values and goals to put you on the right path
  • A Financial Planning Summary, reviewed annually, that defines goals, strategies, and action items
  • Tax preparation and filing for individual tax returns
  • Management of your first $150,000 of investments at no cost
  • Quarterly meetings (or as needed) to monitor, adjust, and adapt your strategy as life evolves
  • Unlimited advisor access – via email, phone, in-person, or virtually
  • Simple and secure online access to all your information

The Process

1. Meet Thayer Financial
The process begins with a 20-minute phone call for us to discuss why you contacted Thayer Financial, how we work, the cost of our services, and the process we follow. After this call, you may decide you’d like to meet and get to know each other before you make a decision

2. Get Organized
Once you’ve made the decision, we’re going to work together to help you get organized. Like most people, your financial life probably isn’t in perfect order. Statements and insurance policies might be buried in drawers and at the bottom of piles. Sometimes we even lose track of old accounts. You’ll bring with you whatever financial information you can easily put your hands on and then I’ll help you find the rest and create an organized way for you to maintain and securely store your entire financial life.

3. Explore the Possibilities
Once your financial life has been organized, we get to start designing what you want your life to look like going forward. In this meeting, we will discuss what truly matters to you and the steps you are willing to take to get there. After determining what specific goals you want to achieve, we’ll often envision a few possible paths forward.

4. Determine the Path
This stage happens behind the scenes. I spend time number crunching and conducting analysis to determine the best plan for your goals. Each piece works together as part of a larger financial puzzle, so I take a close look at every option to fit the puzzle together for you. This is the major advantage of having a comprehensive financial plan.

5. Understand Your Plan
At the presentation, we’ll meet to discuss the plan I’ve prepared. I will share recommendations, alternatives, and a potential schedule of activities for the coming years to put your plan into action. My job is not only to provide your financial plan but also to help you understand where your money will go and why I have suggested each decision.

6. Review the Progress
To keep up with any life changes, we will continue to meet quarterly (or less frequently if desired) to implement the plan and adjust course when necessary. Many people find that a marriage, birth, death, change in work status, or real estate purchase changes their goals. Over the years you may find this is the case, but we’ll keep you on the best course regardless of where life finds you.

At Thayer Financial, we assist clients with financial planning nationwide. We proudly serve our local community: Hickory, Newton, Conover, Morganton, Lincolnton, Lenoir, Blowing Rock, and Boone.

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