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Posted January 30, 2023

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Think of the people who care the most for you— the ones who have looked out for you from day one and would do anything to help you succeed. Maybe you’re thinking of your parents, a teacher who impacted your life, a coach, a college roommate, or a friend you’ve met. Whomever you are thinking of, we’d be willing to bet that person has your best interest in mind 100% of the time.

When you think of someone that always has your back regarding all things finance, we hope you think of the team at Thayer Financial. 

We are always looking for ways to help our clients achieve their financial goals, and one tool we’ve recently discovered to do just that is Flourish.

Flourish was founded in 2018 and offered high-interest savings accounts that we found as a fantastic solution for our clients with lots of cash but were not earning sizeable interest. Rates with Flourish are currently 4.15% on the first $500k (13x the national savings account average), plus 2.5% for balances over that. Because of how they structure their accounts with multiple partner banks, there is FDIC coverage of up to $2.5MM for joint accounts.

There is zero cost to Flourish, and it is completely liquid (that means you don’t have to tie your money for months or years to earn this interest rate), which sounds too good to be true but trust us, it is true.

By now, you’re probably asking, what’s the catch? Well, the truth is— there isn’t one.

Flourish is available by invitation only and is something we proudly offer our clients free of charge. We are not paid for this offering, and our fee is not billed on this account. We saw a problem our clients were facing— sizable savings accounts and banks that weren’t offering competitive rates— and went hunting for a solution.

As fiduciaries, we must work with your best interest in mind 100% of the time (not only is it an ethical thing for us…it’s a legal thing as well). When you work with the Thayer Financial team, we do not take this responsibility lightly and understand the value of your trust in us.

With a constant commitment to improving and bettering our clients’ lives, we always seek to increase our value for clients. In addition to being really, really good at what we do and constantly getting better, we are also finding ways to add value through things like Flourish, coordinating our client’s tax return preparation, estate planning document creation, and more. Once you start working with us, we won’t set up your account and forget about you. Instead, we will create strategies that fit your unique needs, search for ways to give you the best outcome and be completely transparent and honest as we do it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Flourish and the immense value that our services can offer you, schedule your free consultation with the Thayer Financial team today. We look forward to meeting you, setting plans, and devising strategies on how you can reach your financial goals.

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